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Better understand quote manipulation to help improve loss ratios
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LexisNexis® Quote Intelligence helps insurance providers understand quote manipulation, in order to improve loss ratios and reduce fraud

LexisNexis Quote Intelligence helps insurance providers to improve loss ratios, avoid fraudulent policies and make operational efficiencies, by combining an individual’s real-time quote behaviour and history in order to price more accurately. Quote Intelligence consists of 3 different modules Connect, Manipulate and Tempo, each module offers insights into both the main and named drivers on a quote, showing how different types of behaviours can be indicators of an individuals risk.


Achieve More Informed Underwriting
Apply in-depth data analytics for more sophisticated motor insurance underwriting and rating processes

Grow your business
Make better decisions faster by incorporating critical quote information based on behaviour and history into your workflow


The Quote Intelligence database is searched for all relevant quote records to understand quoting behaviours and connections between the Proposer, Addresses and Vehicles within a 90 day period

Interrogation of relevant quotes within the Quote Intelligence database across different time periods to understand the number of change to quote attributes and the direction and magnitude of change

The Quote Intelligence database is searched to build factors that are used to understand the timing of quotes across a 90 day window

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