See more clearly with comprehensive, reliable data

Customer Data Management

LexisNexis® Customer Data Management

Reliable customer data, on an enduring basis, to help you improve customer experience, increase opportunity, support compliance and prevent fraud.

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LexisNexis® Smartcleanse®

Improve data accuracy and completeness, whilst also appending additional insights to enhance the value of your database.

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LexisNexis® TraceIQ®

Bringing three leading data universes together via our intelligent data matching technology gives a clearer view of the customer, significantly increasing the likelihood of tracing and contacting your customers and giving you greater assurance in making risk-based customer decisions.

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LexisNexis® Forensic Trace

Locate lost customers globally with our manual trace service. We will only report positively if we are confident the correct individual has been traced. The service can include a mortality check, address cleansing to PAF standard and appending missing personal identifiers.

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Managed Services

Supplement your own teams with specialist data management and investigation services, who can help you clean and enrich data, help locate those difficult-to-find customers and maintain data currency on an enduring basis.

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Data quality auditing

Customer data cleansing and enrichment

Customer update alerts for change of address, name and mortality

Single customer view across your organisation

Online tracing and investigation

Specialist tracing teams

Achieve smooth and seamless customer lifecycle management

Onboard customers safely and efficiently

Identify fraud risk

Comply with regulation

Deliver a great customer experience

Reduce customer abandonment

Make safer, better and faster decisions

How we work

A partnership approach to enable your success

We work in partnership with our customers to help with their challenges.

Scale that provides the capacity to deliver

As a large, established organisation, we offer stability as well as a broad range of capabilities and global reach.

Constant innovation driven by our purpose

We continuously adapt and acquire new capabilities so our customers can be confident they have the technology they need.

Bespoke solutions to solve your challenges

Our solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs, with professional services teams on hand to support you.

We enable our customers to see what others cannot see

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