Identify fraud risk

Fraud Management

LexisNexis® IDU®

Our powerful identity verification solution enables you to confirm your customer’s identity online, comply with anti-money laundering requirements and to protect your business from the threat of fraud.

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LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix®

Understand the digital DNA of online users. Spot suspicious behaviour as the transaction occurs and make well-informed trust and identity decisions, without adding unnecessary friction for genuine customers.

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LexisNexis® BehavioSec®

Leverage best-in-class behavioural biometrics technology to provide a seamless experience to genuine users, actively identify threats and confidently protect your customers.

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LexisNexis® Emailage®

Flag both trusted email addresses and those previously associated with fraud without negative impact to genuine customers.

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LexisNexis® FraudPoint™ UK

Uncover difficult-to-spot, suspicious connections and anomalies that might indicate a risk of fraud, and take action instantly to prevent fraud before it causes harm further downstream.

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LexisNexis® TraceIQ®

Investigate a presented identity, probe for inconsistencies and check for abnormalities that could indicate potential fraud risk. Use our market-leading data to build a picture of the wider risk presented by a customer, by identifying previously unseen connections and associations.

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Email address and fraud risk assessment

NAO risk assessment

Achieve smooth and seamless customer lifecycle management

Onboard customers safely and efficiently

Identify fraud risk

Comply with regulation

Deliver a great customer experience

Reduce customer abandonment

Make safer, better and faster decisions

See more clearly with comprehensive, reliable data

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Trust:Live is back! Building on the success of the last two years’ Trust:Live 2024 promises to arm business leaders with the very latest innovation, intelligence and practical insight to take back into their organisations to improve the fight against fraud.

A key focus for this year will be to delve deeper into the critical role that collaborative insight, advanced analytics and pioneering authentication technologies have in ensuring digital trust - building a superior level of contextual decision-making that puts consumer protection and customer experience at the core.

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