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Enter every business relationship with a clearer view of risk

Establishing relationship risk

While most businesses may have clear insight into their own organisation, navigating the world of anti-bribery and corruption regulations can be complex when it comes to third parties and supply chain partners – especially if they are global. Knowing your third parties and supply chain partners can help flag those parties that may need enhanced due diligence.

Organisations can be liable when someone, who performs services on its behalf such as an agent or an employee, pays a bribe specifically to secure business, keep business, or gain a business advantage.

Supporting robust anti-bribery and corruption procedures, LexisNexis® Risks Solutions offers a range of capabilities to help establish the risk a given relationship presents, provide protection from illegal practices and regulatory risks and help support compliance efforts.

Customer Due Diligence

Manage and mitigate bribery risk with robust due diligence processes.

Foreign Public Officials

Flag foreign public officials and assess the associated risk to better manage relationships.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Delve deeper into the circumstances of higher risk individuals and get a clearer understanding of the presented risk.

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