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Making Safe Commerce Simple

Quickly onboard high customer volumes with a single, unified compliance platform. Manage and configure all financial lifecycle journeys with simple integration and no need for coding.

Simplify Customer Onboarding.
Monitor Transactions.
Reduce Risk and Financial Crime.

Financial crime is growing. Every customer must be verified, every transaction monitored and risk-scored. Only digital solutions can offer the near real-time insight, analysis and actionable data needed. And only the LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™ Platform brings powerful automation under your total control.

Discover a unified, future-ready orchestration platform: quick to setup, easy to configure, zero coding required. It’s the only solution you’ll ever need to verify, transact with, and monitor your customers, clients, and suppliers.

Smooth, Seamless Customer Lifecycle Management

Leveraging automation and Machine Learning from the ground up, the RiskNarrative Platform provides a sophisticated, configurable, and accessible financial crime lifecycle management solution.

No-Code Configuration

Financial crime risk and regulation shift constantly. Both demand operational agility to adapt. But reflecting changes in strategy requires technical resource, incurring delays and cost. The RiskNarrative Platform puts business users firmly in control.

Financial crime experts can make changes directly, without programming, using natural language. Amend rules, models, or even integrate application providers in minutes, eliminating the typical waits of weeks or months.

Sophisticated Capability, Simple User Interface

The RiskNarrative Platform makes safe commerce simple, offering business users a unique combination of power, speed, and ease. The system was built around delivering ultimate configurability alongside a best-of-breed user experience.

Drag and Drop Services and Apps

Easily drag and drop different third-party data sources, rulesets and Machine Learning models into a journey builder to create a strategy or journey in seconds. The RiskNarrative orchestration gateway does the heavy lifting, helping to eliminate the need for lengthy and costly IT intervention.

Easy Integration

Effective financial crime lifecycle management requires access to best-in-class data and services – and so multiple integrations. With incumbent providers, organisations could expect integration costs running into thousands of pounds and weeks of development per service.

In contrast, only ONE integration is required to use the RiskNarrative Platform. An easy and intuitive Restful Application Program Interface (API) allows rapid integration ensuring a path to live within days, not months, implemented by financial crime technology experts.

Data Cloud App Store

Integrate third-party applications and services in seconds. Access 50+ business and consumer data sources for customer journeys.


The RiskNarrative Platform has access to existing global Consortia, providing the latest insight (e.g., devices and email addresses) known to be linked to fraud or financial crime so they can be decisioned in customer flows. In addition, our own Global Consortium provides actionable intelligence across applications and transactions. Powered by the latest Machine Learning, it further underpins a unique unified risk score.

Document Capture & Biometrics

Enable streamlined onboarding by deploying real-time, best-fit document and biometric verifications into your customer journeys across all channels using Software Developer Toolkits (SDKs) or information requests. Easily flow between multiple document and biometric apps and specialist human reviewers to increase match rates. Upload any unstructured document (e.g., bank statement, utility bill).

Journey Builder

Create customer journeys using Natural Language to write rules. Rapidly set up a scorecard and Rules Matrix and select required checks from external service suppliers with ‘drag and drop’ Apps.

Decision Matrix

By banding risk into discrete levels based on risk scores, the Decision Matrix allows orchestration to reflect different risk strategies and risk appetites.


Automatically trigger secondary checks from further services if an initial check is not validated based on risk levels.

Managed Information Requests

Reach out to customers when further information or documentation is required via app, email, or SMS.

Unified Score

The RiskNarrative Platform takes ALL intelligence generated by third party services into a single flow to create an overall risk score, called the unified score. This single unified score feeding into wider orchestration is fundamental to the market-leading decisioning performance of the RiskNarrative Platform.

Persistent Risk Scoring

Best practice recognises changes in risk over the lifecycle. Sophisticated decisioning fused with orchestration and data allows us to apply dynamic, persistent risk scoring either at account level, customer level or transactional level.

Referral and Case Management

Where an automated ‘pass or fail’ decision is not possible, cases can be automatically escalated to appropriate specialists or teams. In an intuitive, easy to use screen, the RiskNarrative Platform aggregates everything an agent needs to see to visualise risk, view insight, and manage a case referral. Agents can change risk scores, add notes, and prioritise cases to different team members. Instantly communicate decisions enterprise-wide, and quickly upload fraud data to third-party databases, agencies, and Consortia.

Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent, our proprietary Machine Learning model, learns from decisions made by live agents. When enabled, it can automatically emulate human agent activity when required – for instance, when a fraud referral requires action at night and live agent resource is limited. By retraining using live agent data, Virtual Agent offers impressive automated decisioning that continuously improves over time.

LexisNexis® Compliance Lens

LexisNexis® Compliance Lens combines the best of our screening solutions. By pulling together our industry-leading filtering engines with the world class financial crime and watchlist data in LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data, LexisNexis® Compliance Lens, used as part of the LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™ platform, delivers significant efficiencies to drive down costs and increase operational capacity, all while enabling a robust view of risk.

Advanced risk scoring from our Firco™ Entity Resolution Filter drastically drives down false positive rates and qualifies false negative alerts, to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Seamlessly integrate LexisNexis® Compliance Lens with the RiskNarrative™ platform, as part of your financial crime compliance journey.

LexisNexis® Compliance Lens is available alongside other third-party screening options in the RiskNarrative platform.

Use Cases

B2B Onboarding

Automate complex B2B decisioning for safe, fast onboarding.

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Transaction Monitoring

Monitor behaviour and risk in real-time for seamless transactions.

Learn More

Responsible Gambling

Ensure affordability and protection for gaming customers.

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Supplier Due Diligence

Automate checks for supplier decisioning.

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B2C Onboarding

Automate robust B2C decisioning for safe, fast onboarding.

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Lifecycle Management

Unify onboarding, ongoing screening, and transaction monitoring.

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Professional Services Onboarding

Automate and simplify professional services client decisioning.

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Banking & Credit

Seamlessly automate financial crime management.

FinTech & RegTech

Deliver next-gen services backed by agile compliance.

Gambling & Casinos

Manage responsible gambling and gaming compliance.

Ecommerce & Retail

Execute remote and online transactions safely, friction-free.

Accountancy Firms

Digitally managed Regulatory & Compliance checks.

Legal Firms

Automate professional services client decisioning.

Estate Agents

Remove client barriers during onboarding.

Investment Advisors

Executive checks and conduct ongoing monitoring.

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