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An evolutionary global due diligence platform

Combine extensive risk data with next-generation filtering technology


How much time do you spend screening the identity of a potential customer or processing false positives? Meeting global financial crime compliance requirements can be costly and involves many operational challenges, but failing to comply can be even more detrimental to your business.

One of the most trusted compliance suites in the market, LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG is specifically designed to help organisations conduct customer due diligence, comply with global regulations and reduce financial crime risks more efficiently and cost-effectively – all through an intuitive browser-based user interface.

Bridger Insight XG is trusted by many of the world’s largest banks and across various industries and businesses. Reduce the complexity and boost the efficiency of your ongoing monitoring processes by utilising Bridger Insight XG in conjunction with our broader know your customer solutions.

Gaps in your company’s defences can lead to...

Regulatory fines

Tarnished corporate image

Decline in customer numbers

Losses from financial crime

The possible consequences...

A negative impact on reputation and trust

Can lead to reduced profits

And endanger the future of your organisation

Global due diligence screening at your fingertips

By combining industry leading filtering software with the expansive content of LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data, Bridger Insight XG delivers significant efficiencies in financial crime compliance processes. Bridger Insight XG helps organisations conduct customer due diligence and comply with government regulations, including those related to anti-money laundering, bribery and corruption, and terrorist financing.

A single request returns consolidated risk data within a secure online portal...

Global Sanctions and Enforcements

Politically Exposed Persons and Associates

Adverse Media

State Owned Companies

Creating a single risk view

Bridger Insight XG's combination of global risk data, technology and analytics can help you...

Strengthen compliance activities and protect against financial crime

Speed up account openings and transaction screenings

Reduce false positives and minimise manual reviews

Reach new markets and maximise global opportunities

Intuitive and time efficient

Research an individual or a business from a perspective that accounts for global sanctions and enforcements, politically exposed persons and associates, adverse media and state owned companies, all within a single request.

Bridger Insight XG’s cutting edge matching technology and machine based learning has been developed to intelligently reduce false positives and minimise manual reviews, enabling you to model your standard operating procedures to safely but dramatically reduce workloads.

Quick set-up and low maintenance

The Bridger Insight XG service runs on LexisNexis servers, eliminating product installation and system maintenance whilst allowing your existing systems to easily integrate with our API. The ‘Automatic Batch’ function enables automated processing of your data files.

If you prefer to retain data within your network, the enterprise version of Bridger Insight XG can be installed locally, behind your firewall.

You can reach more customers, protect against compliance failings and increase revenue with Bridger Insight XG

LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® – Global

Focus your enhanced due diligence

Link consumer, business and risk data, within a single investigation platform


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