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Extensive risk data backed by global experts

Screen against continuously researched PEP, sanctions and adverse media information


Gain a clearer risk outlook with PEP List, Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening.

A high performing and effective due diligence program requires timely and accurate identification of entities that may pose financial, regulatory or reputational risk. This is best achieved through accessing the most up-to-date watchlist databases.

Supported by a worldwide network of over 400 research experts and analysts, LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data delivers customised access to over 4.8 million global risk profiles covering individuals, organisations, businesses and vessels from across 240 countries and territories. The expansive risk database includes one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date politically exposed persons lists, aggregated information from over 100 global sanctions lists, details of enforcements sourced from over 1,000 government websites and an extensive proprietary database of adverse media profiles compiled from over 30,000 news sources. Utilising consolidated watchlist and risk data allows organisations to:

  • Expedite PEP and Sanction checks
  • Synchronise and simplify compliance processes
  • Streamline customer acquisition
  • Mitigate the impact of global volatility

Politically exposed person list

Ensuring an organisation’s compliance with all applicable laws and regulations through the process of PEP screening can be a complex task.

An accurate PEP list is an essential part of the risk-based process, helping to identify politically exposed customers and prospects. WorldCompliance Data provides an expansive, market leading PEP list of over 1.8 million profiles and is continually updated by a global team of researchers to ensure data is as accurate and complete as possible.

Information is also provided on State Owned Entities – government owned companies or organisations who’s senior management or directors will often include public and government officials (PEPs).

The status of politically exposed persons can change overnight, therefore it is vital to carry out PEP checks on an ongoing basis to mitigate risk. A highly skilled team of researchers are strategically placed around the world to monitor any changes and react quickly to update PEP list records, with over 200,000 profiles created or updated every month.

A PEP search with WorldCompliance Data can provide the following level of detail:

Personally Identifiable Information

Such as profile photo, date of birth, gender, nationality, aliases or nicknames, titles, roles and place of birth.


Examine close associates, business partners, family members and related companies.

Transparent Substantiation

All information associated with a PEP search result is fully substantiated with links and references to the underlying source of information.


Sanctions and enforcement lists

Sanctions checks are an absolute requirement for many organisations. WorldCompliance Data contains over 9,800 sanction ownership files compiled from over 100 sanction lists.

WorldCompliance Data also includes enforcement information sourced from global enforcement lists and court filings taken from bodies such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Information is sourced from over 1,000 official government websites including industry regulators, law enforcement agencies, central banks and other government offices, covering disqualified directors, penalised brokers, unauthorised banks and most-wanted lists from police forces around the world.

Our sanctions list solutions are available via multiple delivery methods, and facilitate proportionate processes for all business types and sizes. With options for automated screening of millions of transactions per day, to low volume manual sanction checks.

Sanctions lists and Watchlists covered include:

HM Treasury Sanctions List Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions Bureau of Industry and Security
Department of State EU Consolidated Sanctions List FBI Top Ten Most Wanted
Interpol Most Wanted ICE List (U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) CBI List (The Central Bureau of Investigation)
SDN & Blocked Entities SECO List Treasury PML List
UN Consolidated Sanctions List OCC Shell Bank List World Bank Debarred Parties List

Sanctions Screening:
A best practice guide

Improve your sanctions screening: ensure compliance with international sanctions and avoid disrupting the process of onboarding legitimate customers.
Sanctions Screening Best Practices

Adverse media checks

When entering into a business relationship with an individual or organisation, their exposure in adverse media can pose a reputational and regulatory risk. Every single day negative news or unfavourable information about individuals or businesses is reported across thousands of news channels around the world in multiple languages. Adverse media screening is a critical part of any robust Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) program. Screening at the client on-boarding phase as well as ongoing monitoring of all high risk individuals is required to identify reputational risk and also accounts that may need to be reviewed for unusual transaction activity.

WorldCompliance Data monitors information compiled from reviewing over 30,000 news sources to create profiles on people and companies linked to a wide range of illicit activity such as financial crime, terrorism and human trafficking. WorldCompliance Data includes 50 adverse media sub categories including money laundering, drug trafficking and organised crime.

Request access today and discover how countless negative news stories are consolidated into single adverse media profiles, streamlining the adverse media search process.

Unmatched network of global research experts

24 hour awareness of global risk events is provided through a team of more than 400 expert researchers and automated monitoring systems. Researchers are strategically placed across 5 continents and fluent in 59 languages, to help ensure risks are captured, regardless of location and language. The rigorous investigative process provides a comprehensive and segmented database of high-risk individuals and entities. WorldCompliance Data is updated daily with over 200,000 additions or updates per month, monitoring thousands of world-wide channels to identify potentially relevant news articles or alerts which cover adverse media changes, PEP changes, enforcement actions and sanctions updates.

Step 1: Data Compilation

Automated systems and researchers mine media channels, news websites and public records across the world to compile data on politically exposed persons and individuals or organisations linked to high-risk activities.

Step 2: Data Validation

Results are analysed and validated to produce a detailed profile of an individual or business entity.

Step 3: Profile Summary

Each profile contains unique identifiers and a complete relationship web, identifying and linking related entities, family members and close associates.

Step 4: Data Updates

Profiles are continuously monitored for any changes in circumstances of the subject or related entities, with thousands of updates made every day.

Step 5: Customisable Data Segments

Profile contents are compiled into a series of database segments and risk categories, which can be tailored and utilised according to an organisation’s risk appetite.

Map of WorldCompliance Data Research Locations

WorldCompliance Data access methods

WorldCompliance Data is a customisable, modular solution with flexible delivery options to fit your compliance process:

Web-Based Interfaces

Due Diligence Screening:
LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG

Enhanced Due Diligence:
LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® – Global

Identity Verification:
LexisNexis® IDU®

Batch Screen

Screen your customer database en masse with our customer data management solutions.

Flat-File Data

Data files can be provided offline in XML and Text Delimited format to integrate with your screening system.


A search API is offered via our screening platform, LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG for seamless integration.

LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG

An evolutionary global due diligence platform

Combine WorldCompliance Data with next-generation filtering technology


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