Commercial Motor Insurance

Innovative data driven solutions to help accurately price customers according to their risk

Commercial Motor Insurance

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Innovative and more accurate predictors of risk

Providing innovative and more accurate predictors of risk to help transform how commercial motor insurance is assessed, for both the proposer and named drivers on a policy.

Commercial motor insurance solutions to help your business

Data sources for Optimised Risk Assessment 

Through the use an individual's public records information, motor policy history, prior claims data, No Claims Discount information, and their quote behaviour. All delivered through our proprietary data and industry data sources, to provide a more thorough picture of risk.

Attract New Business to your Book

Deliver more accurate, real-time risk data directly
into your workflows to help support your pricing and underwriting decisions, in order to help you gain a clearer picture of risk for right first-time new
business quotes.

Better Portfolio Understanding to Grow Profitability 

Leverage our capability to search and return large quantities of data in a single transaction and gain better insurance risk identification through bulk data enrichment appends across your entire portfolio.

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