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Adapt to evolving circumstances in your pension member data

Tracing or locating deferred members is an important challenge in the administration of a pension scheme. Outdated, reactive, certificate of existence and letter forwarding services initiate contact with deferred members but are time consuming, do not provide the scheme with the forwarding address and are entirely reliant on the lost member re-establishing contact with the scheme.

Schemes must look at the integrity of their data and actively monitor common data to highlight any changes before conducting tracing exercises. The Pensions Regulator’s record-keeping guidance identifies that poor data management can lead to significant additional costs and reputational damage.

Why does your common data become inaccurate and unreliable?

People are most likely to forget to inform pension providers when they move home1.

Each year in the UK:

Move Home

11% of the population move home 2


Over 500,000 people die 3


Over 300,000 people emigrate 4


Approximately 250,000 people get married and over 110,000 people get divorced 4

Sources: 1. Royal Mail Home Movers Survey 2015 | 2. Royal Mail Redirections 2014 | 3. Disclosure of Death Registration Information | 4. Office for National Statistics

What if your record keeping standards fall short?

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Continuous monitoring of your scheme is paramount to highlight any changes in your members’ circumstances. Data cleansing and data driven tracing will help avoid the pitfalls mentioned above.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers automated and manual existence, identity and tracing solutions designed to help maintain accurate and current member records and quickly re-establish contact with any volume of lost and deferred members.

Existence Check

Existence Check

To help reduce any data integrity problems, our existence check solutions deliver a proactive approach to reconcile issues within a database. We offer batch cleanse facilities as well as ongoing monitoring as often as required.
Batch Trace

Batch Trace

If you have a high volume of members to trace, our batch pension tracing system is the ideal solution to trace gone aways to a forwarding address.
Specialist Trace

Specialist Trace

Inevitably certain members will be harder to locate and will require manual research. Our team of tracers have undergone extensive training for demanding and intricate pension tracing. We aim to locate the whereabouts of lost members both in the UK and overseas and will only report positively if we are confident the correct individual has been traced.
Confirm Identity

Confirm Identity

To ensure the correct person has been traced at their current address we offer the option of mailing each traced individual to request a response by phone, post or online.

Gone but not forgotten: Working with Royal London to re-engage its gone aways

“We are re-engaging with a higher percentage of our customers while reducing mailing costs and also reducing the risk of data protection breaches”

Guide: Reconnecting lost UK pension pots with their owners

Are you doing enough to maintain accurate member records in your pension scheme? Our free guide provides advice on steps to mitigate data decay and trace gone away members.

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