Email risk scoring for enhanced fraud detection and prevention

A powerful fraud risk scoring solution fuelled by email intelligence.
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Harnessing email for robust fraud risk assessment

Email is the foundation of digital identity. With it, you can better identify individuals, understand their risks, help to safeguard your business and make more informed risk decisions, all while enhancing user experience. This advanced fraud risk scoring tool is powered by a vast global contributory network; an indispensable tool in fraud detection and prevention.

Rich insights behind every email address

Using the power of email intelligence, Emailage® provides a comprehensive email risk assessment, enabling businesses to recognise fraud risks and build digital trust. Our email risk scores can be applied across multiple scenarios and stages of the customer lifecycle to help optimise user experiences, improve fraud detection, and reduce manual interventions.
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Why is email intelligence so powerful?

  1. It’s the unique global identifier
  2. Used in virtually 100% of online transactions
  3. Rich in transaction history and behaviour
  4. Difficult to change because it links to all your online accounts

The impact of Emailage email risk score:


Faster onboarding

Facilitates smoother, faster onboarding of genuine customers, and the application of the right level of friction to more risky individuals.

Fewer manual reviews

Drives informed digital trust decisions, significantly reducing the need for manual reviews and can minimise false positives.

Enhanced fraud protection

Strengthens fraud prevention strategies to safeguard your business and your customer base.

Emailage impact in numbers*


42% Average Fraud Hit Rate

(On transactions identified as high-risk by Emailage)

41% Reduced Chargebacks

(Average reduction in missed fraud)

27% Manual Review Reduction

(Average decrease in manual review volume)

16% Improved Approvals

(Average decrease in auto-declined transactions)
*Results are average and are based on multiple POCs done with new customers and incremental benefits received by existing customers. These may vary based on different geographies, customer inputs and industries.

Using an email address to assess fraud risk

Emailage is a proven fraud prevention solution that uses email intelligence as a core risk identifier, delivering succinct decisioning data that helps stop fraud without negatively impacting genuine customers. It assesses risks by evaluating a range of data sources and methods, such as:

  • Verification of the existence and age* of an email address and its domain
  • Industry where the fraud occurred
  • Presence of fraud risk indicators
  • Type of fraud associated with the email
  • Behaviour monitoring
  • Abnormal pattern detection
  • Confidence scores
*Age is based on the date the email address first appears on the network.
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The power of the network is key

Emailage is a critical tool in effectively balancing risk and friction. It’s built on a global network of contributory digital identity data, shared by companies just like yours.

It’s a live, global consortium that is growing daily. Over 2,000 customers around the world contribute email intelligence and report on identified risks for the benefit of the whole network.

In fraud detection and prevention, the power of a connected network is invaluable. Emailage excels at minimising fraud risks and false positives, improving fraud prevention simply by leveraging personal email addresses for an enhanced digital identity risk assessment.

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2.7 billion transactions served by Emailage in 2022


185 countries


34 million emails marked as confirmed or suspected fraud in 2022


1 billion unique IP addresses


1.7 billion unique email addresses


800 million unique phone numbers

Where is Emailage most effective?

The passive nature of an email risk assessment ensures that it can be effective across a range of use cases, including:

New Account Opening

Analysing email risk when onboarding new customers can contribute to a positive user experience by ensuring the right level of friction is deployed. The additional risk insights can help good customers pass through quickly and reduce the number of referrals for marginal cases.

Guest Checkouts

An email risk assessment can passively assess risk for businesses looking to provide faster and simpler checkout experiences without adding additional friction or exposing themselves to greater fraud risk.

Card-not-present (CNP) Transactions

An email address is commonly obtained in digital transactions, and this alone can provide deep digital identity data that can help protect against CNP fraud and ensure the smooth processing of online payments.

Account Management

Ongoing email risk assessment can help you stay ahead of potential risks by quickly recognising when an existing customer might have fallen victim to fraud or identity theft and had their details used by fraudsters. Proactive risk assessment can help stay ahead of account takeover attempts.

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