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Assess fraud risk associated with email addresses

A powerful fraud risk scoring solution fuelled by email intelligence.

91% of users have the same email address for more than 3 years and 51% have the same email address for more than 10 years1

To ignore the value that an email address can provide when informing risk decisions would be a missed opportunity to prevent fraud.

1 - DMA Insight: Consumer Email Tracking Study (2015) - UK

Email addresses are ideally suited to identify customers as part of your organisation’s identity management strategy.

More importantly, an email address is a unique global identifier that unlocks digital engagement and transactions in every industry because it is:

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Used in virtually 100% of all online transactions

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Rich with transaction history and behaviour

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Difficult to change because it links multiple online accounts

Leveraging email intelligence to assess risk

LexisNexis® Emailage® is a proven fraud prevention solution that uses email intelligence as a core risk identifier, delivering succinct decisioning data that helps stop fraud without negative impact to genuine customers.

Emailage assesses risks by evaluating data points such as:

Email Verification

Verification of the existence and age of an email address and its domain

Email Fraud Risk Indicators

Fraud risk indicators

Identify the type of fraud associated with the email

Type of fraud the email has been associated with

Identify the industry where the fraud occurred

Industry where the fraud occurred

Join the network

Using a patented, proprietary analytic approach, Emailage reimagines fraud detection. One of the features that makes it so powerful is the strength of the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions network.

The network consists of:

Email Verification

5.9 billion digital identifiers

Email Fraud Risk Indicators

30 million confirmed fraud events shared in 2019

Identify the type of fraud associated with the email

82,200 average fraud events shared daily

Identify the industry where the fraud occurred

Transactions processed in 150+ countries

Email Fraud Risk Indicators

Analysed risk for 36.5 billion customer events in 2019

With Emailage, you get the benefit of thousands of LexisNexis Risk Solutions clients driving the feedback loop across the globe, yielding a rapidly growing force working together to outsmart fraudsters.

When you incorporate it into your fraud and identity management workflow, your team will be able to evade ever-evolving fraud tactics more effectively and approve transactions faster—all while improving the customer experience.

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