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LexisNexis® EDD In-Depth Reports

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Confidently analyse and identify risk quickly, with outsourced Enhanced Due Diligence reports

When your enhanced due diligence (EDD) requires a really deep dive, what do you do?

Tie your team up with in-depth investigations? Or call upon a global network of expert analysts who’ll return detailed insight on the target subject in a timely fashion?

Free up your internal resource and save time with LexisNexis® EDD In-Depth Reports. Our global intelligence network has the local knowledge you need to assess the risk associated with entities, as and when you need it.

Two levels of EDD report, supporting your varying needs

Level 1 – Evaluation and remediation

If your in-house due diligence or screening processes generate a hit which requires the investigation of a specific issue – for example a customer name has matched to a PEP or piece of adverse information – then our level one reports can be utilised to evaluate and remediate this concern.

Level 2 – Deeper investigation

Does the situation require deeper investigation? Our researchers will provide a detailed due diligence report on the entity in question.

Located around the world, our analysts draw upon all relevant public and open source information available, to highlight any potential risks. They speak the local languages and understand the local culture. This is particularly useful for overseas entities, especially when involving those jurisdictions considered high risk.

An outline of the information included in each report type is shown below...

Level 1 Level 2
Executive Risk Summary
Global Compliance Searches
Adverse Information Search
International English Language Media Searches
International Local Language Media Searches
Company Background Analysis
Civil Litigation, Regulatory and Bankruptcy Searches
Background Analysis of Subject Individuals and Identification of Associates
Retrieval of Official Company Documents from Primary Sources
Analysis of Company Structure and Beneficial Ownership

Helping Shore Capital to meet its regulatory obligations

Shore Capital is a growing independent investment banking company. When they needed Enhanced Due Diligence for a high volume of directors, they turned to us.

Find out how we helped Shore Capital conduct enhanced due diligence on over 100 directors following an acquisition.

See for yourself how LexisNexis® EDD In-Depth Reports can reduce the time it takes to conduct EDD

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