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Leave no stone unturned with our enhanced due diligence solution

Enhanced due diligence checks and the remediation of alerts generated by know your customer (KYC) and sanctions screening can be inefficient and costly processes. Disparate information sources, false positive matches and a lack of a single view of risk can lead to wasted efforts.

Helping to overcome these inefficiencies and enabling effective enhanced due diligence checks, LexisNexis® EDD Insight offers a unique combination of data through a single web portal, helping to:

  • Evaluate the risk associated with prospects/customers and make confident risk-based decisions
  • Combat financial crime
  • Reduce investigation times
  • Improve the customer experience

Robust enhanced due diligence checks and swift alert remediation

A powerful combination of industry leading risk information (Politically Exposed Persons, Sanctions and Adverse Media), UK public records, consumer and business data, LexisNexis® EDD Insight is a comprehensive research solution.

The platform allows for robust enhanced due diligence checks and enables the swift remediation of alerts generated by KYC remediation and sanctions screening processes. Powerful proprietary linking technology allows for the evaluation of higher risk customers, taking into account personal, business and risk perspectives.

Drive efficiencies and enhance effectiveness with unique data coverage

LexisNexis® EDD Insight aggregates three categories of critical due diligence data into a single platform.


Expansive data…

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Adaptable enhanced due diligence checks which optimise results

Key personal identifiers promote efficiency

A unique feature of EDD Insight is its extensive collection of key personal identifiers (forenames, surnames, dates of birth and addresses).

Contained in UK public records and consumer data, identifiers support the confident discounting of false positives and confirmation of genuine matches, expediting investigation times and improving results.

Utilise across the customer lifecycle

Whether conducting enhanced due diligence on a new higher risk customer, remediating a sanctions alert generated by ongoing screening processes or compiling suspicious activity reports, EDD Insight can be utilised across the customer lifecycle.

Supporting businesses of all sizes

EDD Insight is designed to support due diligence processes for all organisations.

Small to medium businesses benefit from a one-stop solution; accessing a wealth of intelligence through a single platform. 

For larger enterprises, it supports the enhanced checks required on those entities flagged by screening processes and offers a valuable research tool for investigation units. 

Auditable transparency

EDD Insight helps make it easy to manage compliance. All searches have a unique reference number and are indefinitely saved. This creates a transparent audit trail in a centralised location.

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