LexisNexis® Informed Quotes

Empowering more accurate decision making at point of quote, through high volume, real-time data enrichment.

Informed Quotes


Increase profitability- Understand fraud risk with access to an unparalleled range of 3rd party, client and LexisNexis contributory and proprietary data.

Improve speed to market- Allow for quick implementation of new data sets and products, by quickly deploying enrichment strategies across all major software houses.

Manage risk better with real-time decisioning- Manage and underwrite new insurance risk more efficiently by understanding their risk profile at the point of quote

How we Help

Increase pricing accuracy – Deliver various data sets at point-of-quote allowing pricing to be more reflective of the risk.

Reduce fraud risk – Understand the fraud risk with verification, validation and scoring available at point-of-quote.

Give a better customer experience –Maximise the use of data enrichment at point-of-quote for accurate offers, rather than post sale checks which can lead to pricing or terms adjustments. 

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