Enhance Credit Decisions, Promote Financial Inclusion and Expand Your Addressable Market

Using alternative data to improve risk assessment that supports fairer lending decisions and enables more affordable and accessible credit.
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LexisNexis® RiskView™ UK

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A limited view of consumer behaviour means a limited view of risk

Supporting the customer lifecycle, LexisNexis® RiskView™ UK adds the power of alternative data to a traditional risk score, enabling you to risk assess individuals more thoroughly than simply relying on their traditional credit history.

LexisNexis® RiskView™ UK goes beyond traditional credit reference histories to provide a second layer of risk assessment that augments a typical bureau credit risk score. Taking alternative credit data like high-cost short-term loan or online lending data, plus non-credit event data like asset ownership or property data, provides a more complete view of consumer circumstances for a risk assessment that assesses stability, ability and willingness to repay.

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RiskView™ UK supports credit pre-screening, new credit applications, and ongoing customer monitoring

Delivered via API, batch and web UI (User Interface), RiskView™ UK can be used across the customer lifecycle for a better view of risk, affordability, financial stress or vulnerability. RiskView™ UK helps you to:

Expand Opportunity

Identify and reach more consumers that could previously have been categorised as too risky, or who are credit invisible.

Reduce Exposure To Losses

More accurately identify a consumer's level of risk, financial stability and propensity to pay. Make more informed lending decisions which could reduce losses.

Improve Competitiveness

A more accurate view of risk enables more competitive risk-based pricing. Offer better rates to low risk customers.

Improve Standards

Treating customers more fairly demonstrates an increased adherence to both the spirit and the letter of FCA guidelines.

Providing access to:

40 Key Datasets

2.69 Billion Active Records

56.1 Million Unique UK IDs

750+ Attributes

Use more data for a more complete view of customers to inform credit risk assessments

Unlike traditional Credit Reference Agencies’ risk scoring products, RiskView™ UK does not require consumers to have a previous credit history to provide a risk score and assessment.

Instead, it leverages alternative information from our extensive data sources, connects it to customer profiles using advanced statistical linking and uses predictive analytics to help support better credit risk decisions.

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1 in 7 adults can be defined as potentially financially excluded in the UK

A person-centric data universe with LexID®

Get a 360 degree view of consumers by using advanced analytics and innovative linking technology for better identity management.

1. Vast public records and data resources

The reliability and scale of LexisNexis Risk Solutions data resources includes more than 20 years of referential data and a vast number of records to search – with new information continuously added.

2. Powerful dynamic linking

Our proprietary LexID® linking technology uses multi-patented machine learning algorithms to match and connect disparate information about an identity and assign a unique identifier with great precision.

3. Accurate matching, persistent ID

Each LexID® profile is continuously updated as new records are ingested, creating a persistent and extremely accurate picture that accounts for identity changes over time.

4. Comprehensive LexID® entity database

The LexID® entity database manages information on more than 56.1 million UK consumer entities.

5. Product foundation

Our LexID® technology is the fundamental engine that fuels the LexisNexis Risk Solutions portfolio of products.

34% of high risk customers discovered to be lower risk*

*Un-booked population classified high risk by CRA score

RiskView™ UK can be used to identify new opportunities

Using historic customer data from a motor finance lender, we were able to apply the RiskView™ UK model to consumers that had applied for a loan but didn’t take it up. Of the consumers in this group that were classed as high risk by a traditional CRA score, 34% were actually low risk according to RiskView™ UK. Had the lender known these were low risk consumers, they might have offered more loans or more favourable rates.

Make LexisNexis® RiskView™ UK part of every credit decision

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Enhance credit risk decisions and drive financial inclusion

Over 7 million people in the UK are potentially financially excluded, due to having a limited credit history. There are many reasons why an individual may be in this situation. What value could you unlock, if you could score these previously un-scoreable individuals?

RiskView UK can help provide a more holistic view of an individual’s actual creditworthiness, enabling businesses to give access to fair and affordable financial services for millions more UK adults.

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