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Combining powerful linking technology and intuitive functionality with extensive data, sourced from a wealth of public records and multiple credit bureaus, LexisNexis® TraceIQ® is a market leading tracing and investigation web application. Utilised across diverse industry sectors, it enables our customers to build a full picture of the individuals they need to trace or investigate.

TraceIQ provides a revolutionary convergence of expansive data and advanced linking for better results. By using a statistical approach to data matching, TraceIQ can establish a shared view of the customer across our own data universe and across the extensive consumer data universes of two leading credit bureaus.

Bringing three leading data universes together via our intelligent data matching technology gives a clearer view of the customer. This significantly increases the likelihood of tracing and contacting your customers and gives you greater assurance in making risk-based customer decisions.

What can TraceIQ® be used for?

Tracing People

TraceIQ helps trace people to locate their whereabouts and uncover previously unknown information.

Fraud Investigation

Combining consumer and business datasets, TraceIQ allows you to verify information, create links between seemingly unconnected people and debunk fraudulent claims. TraceIQ has a proven track record in fraud investigation and is being utilised by blue chip companies and SMEs alike.

Tracing Debtors

TraceIQ provides a rapid and efficient means of debtor tracing for higher returns. Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use search interface providing access to data from multiple credit bureaus and address links derived from our proprietary database and matching logic.


Forwarding address links

Locate customers with previous and forwarding addresses.

Property register search

Confirm the owner and the ownership status of a property.

Reverse telephone number search

Locate up-to-date customer details with a reverse phone search.

Insolvency search

Return details of any Bankruptcies, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, County Court Judgments and Debt Relief Orders.

Email address search and risk assessment

Locate a customer’s online presence and establish any fraud risks associated with an email address.

Link associated individuals

Link address co-occupants and neighbours to assist with investigations.

Business search

Obtain contact details and background information for UK businesses.

Telephone number validation

Verify mobile and landline numbers are live and active.

Specialist Teams

TraceIQ allows you to set-up and manage multiple teams of users and assign search templates to meet their specific needs, giving you complete control over user access and system usage throughout your organisation.

Create activity-driven tracing and investigation teams and streamline workflows

Enhance productivity by helping teams make informed decisions faster

Allocate users when and where they are needed

Control costs and expenditure by restricting usage of premium data

Simplified Monitoring

TraceIQ allows you to manage expenditure and monitor team activity – enabling you to achieve the most out of your investment.

Produce an audit trail of activity

Optimise productivity by reviewing team/user performance

Monitor and control your team/individual user credit usage and system activity

“The information that LexisNexis Risk Solutions provide is second to none. It has helped me in many cases and has led me to the right person at the right address on many occasions. An excellent tool in our fight against fraud. I would highly recommend it to anyone in this line of work.”

Fraud Investigator, Financial Services Firm

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