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Identify financial crime and sanctions risk at the earliest opportunity

Vital to mitigating risk is complete and accurate customer data. When financial crime compliance professionals have to rely on partial and inaccurate customer records it reduces their ability to effectively identify genuine risk and lower the volume of false positives.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions supports business and customer friendly watchlist screening. Customer data quality can be improved, erroneous matches reduced and a clear view of risk attained. Our name screening platform and watchlist data help to identify true risk, enabling you to focus resource on genuine alerts.

Screening against our watchlist data can flag, and help manage, an array of potential risks. These include Politically Exposed Persons, adverse media, enforcements and sanctioned entities. This process can be directly integrated into your workflow, helping to improve efficiencies whilst reducing risk.

Flexible watchlist screening to meet your business needs


Enhance operational efficiency

Reduction of false positives can drive efficiencies.

Gain a comprehensive view of risk

Data is organised into more than 50 risk categories.

Empower decision making

By attaining a clear view of risk, confident decisions can be made.

Improve the customer experience

Gather intelligence from our systems to reduce requests to the customer.

Sanctions Screening:
A best practice guide

Improve your sanctions screening: ensure compliance with international sanctions and avoid disrupting the process of onboarding legitimate customers.
Sanctions Screening Best Practices

Automated daily PEP screening reduces risk for Monmouthshire Building Society

“We would have never known this customer history before without manually searching through public data records.”

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Sanctions Screening

Effective ongoing sanctions screening helps reduce exposure to reputational and regulatory risk. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides access to the most significant sanctions lists from all over the world.

Politically Exposed Persons

As part of the mandated risk-based approach, Politically Exposed Persons must be considered high risk, driving the need for enhanced due diligence and a deeper understanding of the customer.