Informed Claims

Solutions proven to improve outcomes, enhance compliance and reduce risks

Informed Claims:
Leverage Data Insights to Target and Manage Members and Comply with Regulations

How we Help

Boost risk decision making
Verify disclosed and non-disclosed claims information at the point of quote in order to make better decisions faster.

Improve loss ratios
Avoid risk that doesn't suit your book or which may otherwise result in claims losses.

Gain a deeper understanding
Create powerful profiles that drive the best course of action in the event of discrepancies.


Manage risk better with real-time decisioning
Manage and underwrite new insurance risk more efficiently by verifying an individual’s claims history at the point of quote.

Improve pricing accuracy
Price risk effectively by adjusting the premium on the discovery of undisclosed claims.

Increase profitability
Help to avoid application fraud by identifying non-disclosed claims early, which otherwise could impact your book of business.


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