LexisNexis® Emailage® Rapid

Providing an instant risk score at point of quote, helping you to verify an individual's digital identity through email address information and the digital footprint that goes with it.
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Reimagine Fraud Detection with LexisNexis Emailage Rapid

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Emailage® Rapid is a powerful fraud risk scoring solution based on the email address and other personal information provided during the application process.

How can Emailage Rapid Benefit Your Business?

Fraud detection to improve quotability

Improve quotability by instantly validating an individual’s digital identity

Monitor to protect email fraud

Avoid writing costly, potentially fraudulent business

Monitor to detect email fraud

Make real time, point of quote pricing decisions based on additional insights on the risk

Fraudster online looking for email fraud

Protect customers from having their identity compromised

How does LexisNexis® Emailage® Rapid Work?

Email fraud network Emailage Rapid hosts a well-established network database containing billions of transactions from global payment processors, financial services and many other online industries and market sectors.

Email fraud score monitor The score is fine-tuned and focused on the email address and the digital footprint that it creates, including its history and transactional usage online.

AI and machine learning email fraud prevention Coupled with AI and machine learning, plus supplementary datasets such as social media, Emailage Rapid provides a data-rich view of an individual’s digital identity history at POQ.

Email fraudster face mask Individuals are accurately placed into Fraud Risk Bands and given a predictive risk score based on the applicant’s email address and other supplied information.

Emailage email fraud diagram

Reimagine fraud detection and digital identity verification with LexisNexis Emailage Rapid.
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