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Speed up customer onboarding with instant online identity checks

Instant online identity verification with market-leading population coverage

Our electronic identity verification solution checks identity information against authoritative sources to reduce the risk of identity fraud, instantly identify genuine customers, verify age and support AML know your customer checks

Combining extensive data with powerful linking technology, our online identity checks will verify the details provided against public records and multiple credit bureau data, delivering immediate results. 

Industry-leading verification – safe, secure, simple

By combining public records with data from multiple credit bureaus, we provide industry-leading verification coverage and end-to-end identity solutions spanning the entire customer journey, from onboarding to ongoing account management.

Improve customer experience and lift pass rates

Reduce operational costs associated with manual verification methods

Capture revenue by accelerating the onboarding process and reducing drop-out rates

...while providing additional identity authentication capabilities to help you understand who your customer is.

Multiple Access Methods

Access the web-based software online or integrate into your existing systems via our API.

Bespoke Scorecards

Create bespoke scorecards to meet your business needs.

Customisable Branding

Apply your brand to the online interface.

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