Enhance fraud protection whilst providing seamless and personalised experiences

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® helps you understand the digital DNA of online users. Spot suspicious behaviour as the transaction occurs and make well-informed trust and identity decisions, without adding unnecessary friction for genuine customers.
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How do you identify the good from the bad in a digital world?

The digital economy is fast becoming the dominant economy. This is driving a transformation that has changed consumer interactions from location-centric and in-person, to predominantly digital and increasingly global. The threat of cybercrime grows, data breaches continue to proliferate and identity credentials are widely available on the dark web.

Sophisticated cyberattacks are bypassing traditional security defences by mimicking trusted user behaviour. Static identity assessment methods alone are now much less effective in verifying a person’s real identity. The solution lies in understanding the digital DNA of users and their unique online footprint that knits together trusted digital identities that fraudsters cannot fake.

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Balance frictionless customer experience with the ability to confidently detect and prevent fraud

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® enables thousands of businesses globally to harness intelligence related to devices, locations, identities and past behaviours to confidently distinguish between trusted and fraudulent behaviour. ThreatMetrix is powered by the global LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®, a crowdsourced intelligence database aggregating more than 75 billion global transactions each year, including logins, payments, and new account creations.

Prevent Fraud and Protect Genuine Customers

Harness global intelligence across the Digital Identity Network to confidently distinguish between trusted and fraudulent behaviour.

Identify Trusted Customers

Make accurate customer trust decisions in near real time, even if it’s the service provider’s first interaction with the digital persona.

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce abandoned transactions with frictionless authentication.

Share Insight

Collectively fight fraud and facilitate information exchange between ThreatMetrix customers and develop focused customer Consortium groups to share information about fraudsters.

Make confident trust and identity decisions across the entire customer journey

Near Real Time

Processes within the online transaction.

Event Based

Monitors and scores every different action appropriately.

Digital ID

Drawing from the Digital Identity Network’s crowdsourced intelligence of global transactions and interactions, Threatmetrix identifies the unique digital footprint of an online persona and assigns it a unique Digital ID (LexID® Digital).

Management Platform

Enables analysis, orchestrations, rule and policy creation, investigation, reporting and decisioning.

Join thousands of global businesses achieving profitability and security without compromise

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® Awards 2022/23

Best Identity Verification / Authentication Solution

Best Anti-Fraud Mobile Solution

Experience how LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® can help your organisation to prevent identity fraud while providing a seamless customer experience

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LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® Professional Services

From fraud prevention and reducing customer friction, to specific context-based authentication solutions, our Professional Services team will support you throughout the process, from start to finish – helping you to get the most out of our solutions.
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Trust:Live is back! Building on the success of the last two years’ Trust:Live 2024 promises to arm business leaders with the very latest innovation, intelligence and practical insight to take back into their organisations to improve the fight against fraud.

A key focus for this year will be to delve deeper into the critical role that collaborative insight, advanced analytics and pioneering authentication technologies have in ensuring digital trust - building a superior level of contextual decision-making that puts consumer protection and customer experience at the core.

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