Risk-Based Authentication

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Multi-layered, risk-based authentication that adapts to each customer

Dynamically adapt the stringency of your authentication processes based on your risk threshold.

Quickly and safely onboard new customers and provide seamless ongoing service access via customisable lines of defence that unite a user's digital and physical identity footprint. Risk-based authentication presents the right authentication to the right customer at the right time.

How do you control the balance between fraud risk and customer experience?

1st line of defence

Risk Assessment

Know risk before you know the person.

2nd line of defence

Identity Verification

Know the claimed identity.

3rd line of defence

Fraud Assessment

Know the risks associated with the identity.

4th line of defence

Identity Authentication

Know the person is who they say they are.


Dynamic decision engine and workflow

Integrate your customised lines of defence into a consolidated decision engine that intelligently adapts to higher risk identity scenarios to build assurance during customer onboarding and ongoing identity management.

Know risk before you know the person

Establish risk for a sign-in attempt or other user activity based on factors such as location, network reputation and device footprint. The higher the risk, the more additional layers of authentication may be required, such as a one-time password to grant user access.

Geolocation, VPN & Proxies

Device ID & Attributes

Malware & Bots

Behavioural Analytics

Know the claimed identity

To ensure an identity exists, identity verification will verify collected identity evidence against public records and data from multiple credit bureaus. Also, verify the supplied bank account details are associated to the identity.

Address Verification

Credit Active
(Multi Bureau Data)

Bank Verification

Know the risks associated with the identity

Establish any fraud risks posed by the individual’s digital or physical identity and behaviour to determine suitability to do business with them.

Deceased Screening

Behavioural Analytics

Velocity Checks

Email Risk

Know the person is who they say they are

Protect your organisation and maintain a seamless digital experience for your customers by dynamically assigning additional identity authentication checks to higher risk identity scenarios.

Document Authentication

One-Time Password

Knowledge Based Authentication


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