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Remediating alerts generated by Know Your Customer (KYC) and sanctions screening can be an expensive activity - in terms of time, money and lost business.

However, options exist besides internally managing alerts. LexisNexis® Alert Remediation is a secure, scalable and cost-effective outsourced KYC remediation service which can be utilised to remediate Level One KYC and Sanctions alerts quickly, to help:

  • Expedite the remediation process
  • Reduce customer friction and on-board more clients
  • Focus resource on high-risk alerts
  • Reduce operational costs and preserve the bottom line
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Outsourced KYC remediation from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

Our Alert Remediation service leverages a vast team of experienced anti-money laundering (AML) analysts who remediate Level One alerts to your pre-defined standards and integrate with your existing processes.

By focusing on the high-volume, low-level alerts, our AML analysts can alleviate the workload of your internal team so that they can focus their efforts on alerts which present a higher risk.

Regardless of the volume of alerts needed to process, our team can provide the necessary scale without the associated overhead to help cut compliance costs and maintain the high standards your policies mandate.

£700m-£1bn is being spent annually by major international banks on financial crime compliance.

*Future Financial Crime Risks – A LexisNexis Risk Solutions report produced for the British Bankers’ Association.

How does Alert Remediation work?

Security – a cornerstone of Alert Remediation

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Alert Remediation encompasses a range of controls to help ensure the protection of your data.
Client Data Access Controls

Client data access controls

Strict need-to-know access, data encryption and physical security measures protect your data.
Network Security Controls

Network security controls

Multiple mechanisms including restricted data access and usage rights, a dedicated virtual network and ongoing audits help maintain network integrity.
Physical Controls

Physical controls

Onsite security, physical barriers and ongoing monitoring help ensure the security of offsite locations.

Increase your operational efficiency

Scale on demand

Scale on demand

Maximise staffing flexibility – scale up and down as business needs dictate.
Reduce overheads

Reduce overheads

Reduce employee overheads, offset the challenge of staff churn.
Write more business

Write more business

Reduce customer friction and acquire more customers.
Optimise internal resource

Optimise internal resource

Free up internal resource to focus on high risk alerts.

Alert Remediation can support:

Full customer portfolio remediation

Full customer portfolio remediation

When you need to conduct bulk retrospective name screening, Alert Remediation can help to manage any generated alerts.
Customer on-boarding

Customer on-boarding

Our AML specialists support KYC remediation as part of your Business As Usual processes.
Ongoing customer monitoring

Ongoing customer monitoring

A change in regulation or addition of a new watchlist can result in an uplift in alerts. Our service can scale to meet your business needs.

Discover how LexisNexis® Alert Remediation can support your AML remediation

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