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LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® Professional Services work with clients across all UK industries in order to build tailored fraud, identity and authentication solutions that meet the needs of a rapidly-evolving digital world.
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LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® Professional Services

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Helping you to achieve new levels of success with market-leading fraud, identity and authentication solutions

From fraud prevention and reducing customer friction, to specific context-based authentication solutions, our Professional Services team will support you throughout the process, from start to finish – helping you to get the most out of our solutions.

Our team of experts have a proven track record of more than 6,000 successful deployments, worldwide. They work collaboratively with you to understand your specific business needs, assess your existing ecosystem and tailor solutions configured to achieve the desired business benefits.

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Design and implementation by fraud detection experts

Providing you with the expertise needed to ensure a deployment is delivered to a high standard, the Technical Consulting team work closely with you to design and build an optimal solution for your specific fraud requirements, often uniting multiple facets of a business, from technical teams to fraud specialists. As experts in fraud and identity, our technical consultants have an expansive skillset designed to help you protect a variety of transactions in an ever-changing fraud landscape.

Solution Integration

Our consultants can identify appropriate solution integration points within your ecosystem and provide prototype designs.

Risk Assessment

Our consultants work with you via bespoke consultancy-led workshops, to understand the relevant user journeys that require risk assessment. They also help define key data attributes to enhance the risk assessment process.

Domain Knowledge

Drawing on extensive knowledge of both the global and local fraud threats organisations face, our experts can fortify your fraud and risk teams’ understanding of wider domain risks as well as local fraud behaviours within your own domain.

Rules and Policies

Our consultants can help translate high-risk behaviours and define a policy of rules which become the basis of your risk decisioning.

Successful deployment and integration into your existing systems

Our technical consultants become the single point of contact, working closely with you and with cross-functional teams, to ensure a successful deployment. Engaging with our technical consultants during the deployment of our solutions ensures both short-term results and longer-term scalability, with the potential to grow and flex along with your business needs and the behaviours of your end-users.

Enhanced Fraud Detection

Our consultants can help you design and build a solution to enhance the detection of high-risk behaviour, effortlessly integrated into your existing ecosystem with intuitive interfaces.

Streamlined Deployment

Our consultants follow specific delivery methodologies and timescales, providing you with the right content, at the right time. Furthermore, they offer guidance on how to optimise your delivery and help you to understand the impact of both technical and business decisions.

Stakeholder Engagement

Whether you’re a small firm deploying a single solution, or a large complex organisation requiring a cross-function, multi-channel deployment, our consultants have the experience and skills necessary to ensure your integration is aligned to key success criteria and that issues are resolved proactively with engagement from key stakeholders.

Continual optimisation to maximise value

The Engagement and Analytics team provides a range of services, from strategy optimisation and consulting to onsite support and Quarterly Business Reviews. The team can leverage their vast expertise in the areas of fraud detection, fraud strategy and customer experience enhancement to deliver a holistic approach to optimised deployments.

Strategy Review Workshops

Working with you to identify opportunities to further improve threat detection and operational processes within your organisation, our Strategy Review Workshops help you to measure the effectiveness of your current strategies.

Operational Improvements and Automation

Our Engagement and Analytics team can help you realise your agreed strategy improvements, supporting the process of automating manual tasks performed by operations and investigations teams, and even develop the business case, if needed.

System Optimisation

Our system and strategy optimisation support can help enhance your system performance by interrogating fraud data to improve fraud detection and system accuracy while reducing false positives and customer friction.

Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

QBRs provide an up-to-date assessment of your solution platform to ensure that all functionality is being effectively utilised. In addition to tracking projects and areas of improvement, QBRs offer support and targeted feedback in the tracking of project roadmaps, as well as providing visibility into the solution roadmap.

Solution Performance Management/Maintenance

Our dedicated systems maintenance support service ensures your system is operating at maximum performance and return on investment.

Onsite Support

Onsite support delivers detailed insights into how to improve operational efficiency and performance. Support ranges from assistance with the solution, to contractor level access to internal systems and the facilitation of deep strategy reviews that focus on detection rates, false positive reduction, and FTE utilisation.

Ongoing guidance and support

Our Professional Services team ensure that you get a fully supported solution implementation, ongoing business strategy guidance and operational support, with an optimal suite of strategies that support your business needs—whatever the challenge.

Detect and authenticate fraud

Enhance decisioning with new data

Reduce false positives with trust

Solve regulatory challenges

Trust:Live is back! Building on the success of the last two years’ Trust:Live 2024 promises to arm business leaders with the very latest innovation, intelligence and practical insight to take back into their organisations to improve the fight against fraud.

A key focus for this year will be to delve deeper into the critical role that collaborative insight, advanced analytics and pioneering authentication technologies have in ensuring digital trust - building a superior level of contextual decision-making that puts consumer protection and customer experience at the core.

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Trust:Live 2023 Highlights

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Redefine your fraud detection with LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® uses a revolutionary global shared digital identity intelligence network that uncovers the dynamic intricacies of how people transact online to help businesses transform their ability to detect and defend themselves against the latest fraud challenges.
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