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See through fraud by building a clear picture of the facts

Fraud investigation tools to accelerate intelligence gathering

Fraudsters utilise any piece of information they can access to concoct a storyline that will facilitate their fraud. Successful fraud investigations are built upon a solid evidence pile and intelligence which debunk their stories. We provide powerful fraud investigation capabilities that will support the evidence gathering process and offer additional data points to breakdown a fraudster’s fabrications. Our intuitive platform helps to establish a solid foundation on which to build investigations and test suspicions.

Uncovering the truth when investigating fraud is a great deal easier when you have a reliable source of information to hand. Combining consumer and business datasets allows you to verify information, create links between seemingly unconnected people and debunk fraudulent claims.

With a wealth of insightful data, the latest web-based technologies and intuitive functionality, our online software has a proven track record in fraud investigation and is being utilised by blue chip companies and SMEs alike.

Establish the facts

Establish the facts

Confirm information already held to create a reliable baseline.
Discover new channels of investigation

Discover new channels of investigation

Establish links and associations between seemingly unrelated individuals.
Flag unexplained social mobility

Flag unexplained social mobility

Identify sudden changes in social strata which could indicate suspicious activity.

Who are the victims of identity fraud?

New research from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and Cifas assesses the characteristics of impersonation to identify those most at risk.
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“The information that LexisNexis Risk Solutions provide is second to none. It has helped me in many cases and has led me to the right person at the right address on many occasions. An excellent tool in our fight against fraud. I would highly recommend it to anyone in this line of work.”

Fraud Investigator, Financial Services Firm

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