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Customer Data Management

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Customer Data Enrichment

Enhance data profiles with a wide range of additional attributes to get a better understanding of your customers.

Data Cleansing and Customer Analysis

Help ensure data quality and completeness across the enterprise.

Single Customer View

Create a comprehensive customer view – and added value – across the enterprise.

Make your data reliable, usable and utterly indispensable

Your ability to understand and manage customer relationships depends on one thing: fast access to the most reliable, complete and current customer information. However, this is easier said than done. You’re struggling to keep up with the pace of changes to minimise data decay. You also need to glean meaningful insights from limited data sets typically housed in disconnected databases, and have the data ready to use immediately.

A streamlined, end-to-end customer data management strategy supports customer retention and growth while buffering against risk. By combining data derived from 2 of the leading 3 UK credit reference agencies with our proprietary consumer data universe, we offer market leading data coverage. Our patented data record linking technology, offers a single, more comprehensive customer view, across three of the most established consumer datasets in the UK.

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With solutions that optimise customer data management in an efficient, budget-friendly manner, we make it easy to:

Ensure top-notch data quality and consistency across the enterprise

Monitor for changes that could signal new risks or opportunities

Leverage customer data into high-value activities such as cross selling and improved support

Support customer retention and growth while mitigating risk

Improve business-critical initiatives with quality, connected data

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