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Customer experience is the differentiator, customer data is the enabler

Customer data management expertise

Do you struggle to keep up with the pace of changes to minimise data decay? Do you need to glean meaningful insights from information typically housed in disconnected databases? Optimise customer information management in an efficient, resource-friendly manner. Our customer data management solutions help organisations cleanse, enrich and link data to enhance decision making, drive efficiency and underpin data compliance needs.

The challenge of managing customer data

The ability to understand and manage all your customer relationships depends heavily on good customer data management. This means access to accurate, complete and current customer information.

All too often data failures are highlighted by customers through complaints, payments to the deceased, stolen identities or mail to the wrong address. These issues often lead to increased costs, loss of revenue, fraud and reputational damage.

What does an ideal customer data management solution look like?

Step 1
Merge disconnected customer databases

Connect all customer databases together to achieve full visibility.

Step 2
Cleanse, enrich and consolidate customer data

Cleanse and enrich customer details by utilising extensive public record and credit bureau data. Consolidate duplicate customer records using sophisticated linking technology.

Step 3
Continually maintain and update customer data

New data is pushed and linked on a regular basis to help ensure customer information is kept up-to-date.

How do we do this?

Using powerful linking technology, duplicated records are consolidated to form a single, constantly evolving, customer profile. Consolidated customer profiles are assigned a unique identifier called a LexID® - providing a single customer view that continually adapts to changing circumstances. 

Explore how a streamlined, customer information management strategy supports customer retention and growth while mitigating risk in your portfolio. Contact us to discuss your data management challenges today.

Cleanse your data

Maintain reliable data quality and consistency across your enterprise.

Monitor for changes

Keep up with changes that could signal new risks or opportunities.

Enrich customer data

Enrich existing customer data with additional attributes and risk indicators.

Single customer view

Create a single view of your customers with our powerful linking technology.

Intelligent data matching across a MULTIVERSE of information

A REVOLUTIONARY CONVERGENCE of expansive data and advanced linking for better results.

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Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Enhance customer profiles with a wide range of additional attributes.
Data Enrichment

Data Cleansing

Help keep your data current and correct to maintain a higher level of data management.