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LexisNexis® Client Lifecycle Management

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Comply. Automate. Adapt

Increase pass rates, reduce customer friction and ensure a single, consistent view of your client across your business.


An innovative, end-to-end global KYC and CDD system in a single platform

Accelerate compliant customer journeys from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. Our comprehensive Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform with configurable workflow incorporates multiple sanctions, risk, UBO, and other data sources. This allows you to conduct due diligence once and re-use information across multiple business relationships, thereby reducing operational cost. Risk profiling is customisable to your organisation’s risk appetite including international requirements.


Single client view: a single, consistent and up-to-date record of your client, when you need it, synchronised throughout the organisation, across business lines and borders.

Entity data all in one place: continuously refreshed and validated against your policies, with no need to manually connect disparate data sources.

Consistent, verifiable evidence to help with regulatory compliance: linking client records to policy, and all the necessary evidence to support the status of the client. The decision to onboard and the reason this decision was taken can be immediately accessible for review, with full audit and traceability.


Increase pass rates: enable straight-through processing for the majority of clients, by automating the KYC and CDD process.

Enable rules-based remediation: free up time for analysts to focus on exceptions.

Automation: reduce manual process and repetitive tasks. Multiple steps can be performed in parallel, so only ‘light-touch’ intervention is required when needed.


Fully configurable: by end users, and transparent so users can see the progress and status of work items as they move through the process.

Test your policies in real-time: assess the impact before deployment.

Scalable: add more services, automate more processes, deliver more for your customer.

Agnostic: the system uses the data sources you prefer.

Keep up-to-date with changes to policy and regulation: fast to deploy, quick to change, minimal upgrade impact.

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