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Protect your brand and sell responsibly with instant online age verification

Avoid selling to minors and facilitate legitimate sales

Preventing minors from purchasing age-restricted goods and services is a responsibility of all those trading online.

Online businesses cannot afford to make mistakes selling the wrong products to underage customers. Our powerful know your customer software makes online age verification effortless, improving your confidence in verifying the age of legitimate customers and rejecting underage prospective purchasers, while not hindering the purchasing process.

Our identity verification solutions call upon an extensive wealth of consumer data, including one of the largest dates of birth files in the UK, allowing you to stop unlawful transactions by identifying underage individuals while quickly and easily passing those that meet the age criteria.

Flexible Access Methods

Integrate into your transactional systems via our API or access the web-based software online for manual checks.

Protect Your Brand

Avoid potential brand damage from selling age restricted goods and services to underage customers.

Instant Results

Pass customers that meet the age criteria quickly to facilitate legitimate sales.

Online healthcare provider, The Independent Pharmacy, achieves 97% identity verification pass rate for age checks

“LexisNexis Risk Solutions has helped us pass customers first time, which has decreased admin, increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue”

“As our business diversifies and we provide more regulated products and services, we have to ensure robust identity verification checks are in place.”

“From a commercial perspective, it’s critical that our verification rate is as high as possible. We’d heard good things about LexisNexis® IDU® and thorough testing confirmed it is the best solution to support our business growth.”

Online Age Verification

Establishing the concerns and future plans of ecommerce professionals as they ramp up online sales.
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