Knowledge Based Authentication

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Build strong identity assurance by asking the right questions

Build strong identity assurance of new customers

Built with intelligent algorithms and accessing billions of consumer records, Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) dynamically develops personal questions with multiple answers to authenticate a user’s identity. When utilised as a component of multi-factor authentication, dynamic KBA can meet security challenges and strengthen protection against identity fraud. For more information on knowledge based authentication, contact us today.


Multi bureau data

Our software calls upon data from multiple credit bureaus to add greater depth and extended coverage.


Adaptable for step-up authentication

Used as a part of a layered approach to build an assured identity with additional authentication checks for high risk transactions or scenarios.

No existing relationship needed

Dynamic KBA generates questions in real time from public records and multiple credit bureau data without requiring prior contact with customers.

Highly configurable options and scoring parameters

Select the number of questions (both real and red herrings), and adjust the score required to pass or fail. Also, customise question weighting and frequency of occurrence.

Control the balance between fraud risk and customer experience

Use document authentication as part of a layered risk-based authentication approach.

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