Report: Digital Identity Verification Competitor Leaderboard 2022-2027

Juniper Research ranks LexisNexis® Risk Solutions among the top three vendors in its latest Digital Identity Verification Competitor Leaderboard.
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The report highlights that with so many different verification scenarios existing across different segments and numerous point solutions available in the market, it can be bewildering for businesses to decide which solutions can best help them deliver quick and confident identity verification across their online customer journey.

Juniper Research sees the intelligent orchestration of identity verification solutions, along with other vital customer risk assessments that need to be carried out throughout the digital customer journey, as a major differentiator between vendors.

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The Juniper Research report awarded high rankings to digital identity verification vendors who were able to:

Leverage broad datasets

Provide advanced anti-fraud capabilities

Use machine learning to verify identity

Serve a broad range of use cases

Acquire/own the underlying technologies

Offer a rounded portfolio

“At present, the biggest battleground within digital identity is the orchestration of verification types.”

– Nick MaynardHead of Research, Juniper Research
The research assessed leading digital identity verification vendors on key criteria and ranked LexisNexis® Risk Solutions highly for its combination of excellent data coverage along with its experience in analytics, which gives it a powerful competitive advantage in this market.
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Juniper Research predicts that global spend on digital identity verification checks will reach $20.8bn in 2027

Source: Digital Identity Verification Market Report 2022

“There are many different segments and verification types, with no single vendor covering all the solutions. As such, there is still a lot of room for innovation; vendors must focus on building out innovation partnerships and acquisitions that allow them to intelligently orchestrate the most effective verification types for each use case to drive growth forward.”

– Nick MaynardHead of Research, Juniper Research
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