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Utilising cutting-edge technology driven by a wealth of consumer data, our solutions are employed by thousands of businesses and not for profit organisations across industries.
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Corporations, businesses and non-profits have multiple, often competing goals to meet: Keep money coming in, and operating costs down. Make decisions quickly, with reduced risk and full compliance. Drive efficiencies while maintaining security, privacy and harmonious relationships. A tall order? Not with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions informing you every step of the way – through sound, data-driven intelligence.

We offer multiple solutions for risk mitigation such as fraud and identity management, credit risk assessment, and financial crime compliance, to help businesses of all sizes drive higher revenue growth, maximise operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

Financial Crime Compliance

Expertly manage financial crime risk with fortified and efficient compliance of AML, FCPA and other regulations.

Fraud and Identity Management

Verify identities and protect your organisation from myriad fraud risks without turning off legitimate customers.

Customer Data Management

Keep up with constantly changing customer data across your enterprise. Make it clean, consistent and fit for the task.

Credit Risk Assessment

Build a fuller picture of a financial life beyond the credit report. Profitably grow your portfolio.

Collections and Recovery

It’s not just about recovering the debt: Prioritise your collections strategies to optimise ROI and compliance.

Investigations and Due Diligence

Conduct positive and negative tracing activities, investigate fraud and manage general investigations.

Risk Orchestration

Automate complex processes and decision making to safely onboard more customers, mitigate fraud and manage ongoing risk.

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