Fraud and Identity Management

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Build trusted relationships by understanding and responding to consumer identity risk

Safeguard against fraud without hindering legitimate customers

Personal identity is a high-value commodity. Criminals assume the identity of others at the expense of the individual, business and society. Organisations need to go beyond a one-size fits all identity management approach to balance frictionless consumer experience with fighting fraud and financial crime.

Combining powerful analytical technology and expansive data assets, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps detect and prevent fraud with proven identity verification and identity authentication solutions in addition to tools that assist fraud investigation. Streamline new account opening and account access processes with appropriate identity management options that build the right assurance.

Unknown Identity


Check the presented information against an authoritative source.

Claimed Identity


Authenticate that the details belong to the customer.

Assured Identity

Risk Assessment

Establish any risks posed and suitability to do business with.


Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Electronic identity checks reference identity related information against an authoritative source.
Identity Authentication

Identity Authentication

Check that the person and their presented information is real while reducing customer friction.

Risk-Based Authentication

Dynamically adapt the stringency of your authentication processes based on your risk threshold.

Age Verification

Prevent minors from purchasing age restricted goods and services online with instant age verification.
Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation

Build a fuller and better picture for your investigations and obtain appropriate knowledge to breakdown a fraudster’s fabricated stories.
Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent fraud throughout the customer lifecycle with flexible identity management.

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